Producers Of Raw, Tasty Honey In The Great Southern

Locally produced & environmentally friendly honey that has an amazing taste, unique flavours, and is an all-natural product.

What Makes Our Honey Great

What We Do

We create and supply 100% pure West Australian honey. 

We collect it, strain it, and put it in jars, all ready for you to be delighted by the unique flavors. 

This honey is produced by stress-free bees feasting on local flowers in the Great Southern.

All of our honey is produced in an environmentally friendly way so that you can experience food straight from nature without doing any harm. 

So if you are looking for 100% raw Australian honey, you have come to the right place. 

Local bees, local beekeepers and a taste you will never forget.

Our Honey

Our honey varieties are determined by what the bees give us. Varieties change from season to season with no two being exactly the same. Because of this, the varieties we offer do vary but below are our honeys which are commonly available. 

How We Produce Our Honey

Making honey is a complex and unique process and is produced in several stages

Much of this work is done out in the Australian bush where all you hear is the wind in the trees and the buzzing of bees. 

We move our hives to sites where the bees have access to plentiful flowers. The bees collect the nectar and carry it to their hives. Here the worker bees ripen the honey and seal the cells with wax.  

When it is ready, we collect the frames, remove the wax capping, and extract the honey. The honey is strained and put in jars ready for you to buy. 

Pure, full of flavor, and completely natural. Ready to tease your tastebuds and will have you reaching for more.

Move Bees To Trees & Flowers With Great Nectar

Bees Collect Nectar & Carry It To The Beehives

Bees Ripen Honey & Seal The Cells With Wax.

We Collect The Product & Supply It For You To Consume.

Why Raw Honey Is Better

Did you know that not all honey is the same? 

Many honey producers pasteurise, or process, their honey. 

Raw honey on the other hand, like the honey produced by Southern Apiaries, is unprocessed. 

This means it retains all the nutrients and antioxidants so that your health can benefit from it. 

All the honey you buy from us is raw. 

What the bees make, you eat. 

We collect it, strain it, and bottle it. That’s it.

That means you benefit from all the goodness packed into this superfood. A superfood that is produced right here in the unspoiled environment of the Great Southern, Western Australia.

Where To Buy Our Honey

There are several ways to buy our raw, tasty honey.

Firstly, our honey can be found throughout the Great Southern on the shelves of our local stockists. Click on this link to be taken to our stockist page to find what location best suits you.

Secondly, we also show our faces in many local markets and events. To meet Jeremy & Heidi in person and get a free tasting of Southern Apiaries honey – visit our Facebook or Instagram page to see when and where we’ll be making our next appearance.

Finally, if you’re seeking a large quantity of our honey, please reach out to us directly so we can discuss it in more detail. 

Thank you!

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Contact Us

Reach out to the team at Southern Apiaries. We will be in contact within 24-business hours. We look forward to speaking to you soon.