About Us

About Southern Apiaries

Southern Apiaries was born of a passion for bringing the taste of nature directly to your table. Located in Albany, Western Australia, all of our honey is produced here in the untouched beauty of the Great Southern.

As a locally owned and operated business, we love it that the dance of the honeybee brings together local landholders and you, the local community. At Southern Apiaries, we carefully select sites that boast a good supply of flowers to host our hives, allowing the bees to create delicious and unadulterated food just for you.

Our bees, happy in their insulated hives and content with their good supply of flowers, provide for you the amazing honey you enjoy so much.

As we grow our business without compromising what is important to us, we hope that more and more people around the world will get a taste of the Great Southern.

What We Do

We create and supply 100% pure West Australian honey. 

We collect it, strain it, and put it in jars, all ready for you to be delighted by the unique flavors. 

This honey is produced by stress-free bees feasting on local flowers in the Great Southern.

All of our honey is produced in an environmentally friendly way so that you can experience food straight from nature without doing any harm. 

So if you are looking for 100% raw Australian honey, you have come to the right place. 

Local bees, local beekeepers and a taste you will never forget.

What Makes Us Different

Did you know that the Great Southern is the cleanest, most pristine environment left in the world for bees? Your honey is coming from the healthiest bees on this planet.

Jeremy and Heidi are passionate about keeping the bees that way. As worthy employees, the bees get the best possible treatment. In return they provide unique and delicious flavours in the honey you eat.

The bees are moved to adequate food sources as often as is necessary. This way, we don’t have to feed them with sugar syrup in the winter. The honey we sell is made by bees who are feasting exclusively on nectars found in their surroundings.

We never heat our honey and we never filter it. Our honey is only strained. We don’t blend any of our honeys to achieve a certain taste profile, like so many other producers do. Each jar of our honey traces back to one particular apiary. Each jar is unique and keeps your taste buds dancing with each spoonful.

Meet Our Founders

Jeremy is fascinated with bees. He has always found things that fascinated him in the natural world, but bees have captured his imagination like nothing else. Where he used to be involved in the intricate workings of electrical wires and security systems, he now immerses himself in the world of bees and honey.

Along with Heidi, his wife and business partner, they follow the dance of the honey bee. They have a growing appreciation for bees, especially their work ethic, their love for order and their resourcefulness. These are qualities that Jeremy and Heidi also show in their work to put unadulterated honey on your table.

They are located in Albany, Western Australia, where they enjoy living and working in one of Australia’s most pristine natural environments.
Ask Jeremy a question about bees or honey and he will happily share his knowledge and musings with you.

What Makes Our Honey Great

Contact Us

Reach out to the team at Southern Apiaries. We will be in contact within 24-business hours. We look forward to speaking to you soon.